(last updated 02.01.2009)

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[Minor Characters]

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Tipper O' Donnell

The heroine of our story, Snickers' sister. Currently working and married.

Charles O' Donnell

Gabby's cousin, student teacher and all around bitter guy. Tipper's husband.

Snickers Namir

Wife, motherly figure, and eccentric...  mother of Cerise.

Twix Dorpe-Namir

Married, eccentric gentleman and father of Cerise...

Joy Satu

A nice girl that works far too hard for her own good. Blue's roommate.

Isaac Telford

Blue's half brother, interested in Joy.

Blue Deiter

The original man's player (or so she likes to boast). Bartender and Joy's roommate.

Gabby Ramos

Tipper's friend, Cedric's rival, budding artist.

Joan Cutter 

Gabby and Charles's old friend, more Gabby's than Charles.

Cedric Van Helgen

Friendly local comic artists/ Tipper's ex- boyfriend...

Jennifer Anneston
(AKA Falco)

Der Kommissar

Dimitri Huss

Roxanne's husband.  Father of Daisy.

Roxanne Huss- Deiter

Blue's spiritual mother, biological sister...mother of Daisy.


Taimoor's demure girlfriend.


A determined, if only slightly clueless young man...

Dr. Ferdinand Fitzgerald

Joy's much older, distinguished... friend.

BoB Dorpe

Village idiot.

Mallory Duck

An angry, bitter youth who likes computers more than people...