Joy Satu is the most normal of all the girls. However, just because she's normal doesn't mean that she is uncomplicated.  Out of all the girls in the group, she is the only one to have been raised by both her parents (who are both so boringly normal).  Joy enjoys computer work, and it was in her computer class that she met her now ex-friend Ducky/Mallory and her now ex-boyfriend BoB.

Joy can see the good in people, and saw the sweetness to BoB that most other girls would shy away from (due to BoB's slug-like appearance). Despite their strong love and friendship, the relationship was fated not to last. BoB left the country to find himself, leaving Joy to fend for herself against the sea of male suitors.  A lot of men thought that if she dated a guy like BoB, she would certainly go out with them.

Joy enjoys working on computers, but doesn't trust on-line chatting.  She has had a few bad experiences with it in the past.

Her love of computers has helped her quite a bit during one of her little problems... Joy's fur is pink during only three of the four seasons. During winter, her pink fur sheds away, leaving nothing but white. During these times of year, Joy liked to be alone (Her friends found out about this in the year 2000.  Before, it seems that Joy would always be away with relatives during the holidays).  Joy's eyes are naturally red, but she used to wear green contract lenses. 

After graduating from High School, Joy moved into a dorm room shared with Blue Deiter, where she would live for the next two years.  After Joy got her associate degree, she decided to move into a career in the medical field.  However...

Joy thought she found true love with her boyfriend, Dr. Ferdinand FitzgeraldFerdinand even helped Joy move into a place of her own and was going to help pay for her schooling as a nurse (not to mention the fact that he also gave her a job at his practice).  Joy was having problems coming to terms that her newfound independence was only through the aid of another, which made her question the sincerity of their relationship.

However, Joy was never given the chance to decide if her relationship with Ferdinand was the right thing. He broke up with her because his mother told him to.

Needless to say, this put Joy's life into a tailspin.  She lost her job at her ex's practice, left her apartment and decided not to go to medical school.

For a time Joy lived in the Namir's spare bedroom, but after realizing she depended on men to make major decisions for her more often than not, she decided it was time to move on her own.  She compromised on her original idea and now rents a house with her friend Blue.  She's currently attending college and works as a Kindergarten teacher at Little Oak Elementary. She now dyes her white winter fur pink, as to not confuse and scare the kindergartners she works with (as her school's principal noted, a drastic change to someone in their lives can be traumatic for young children).

Joy enjoys collecting dolls of different types- a hobby she dove into as her love life took a nose dive. Blue worries she has become a "crazy doll-lady". Joy has given up arguing with her over the matter and puts her efforts instead into her hobby which she shares with Falco (and to an extent with Isaac as well).

Joy and Charles once went out on a date (the two were set up by Tipper). Due to this, the two are a bit stand-offish with each other, but tolerate each other for Tipper's sake.

Joy had a slight crush on her old boss (and principal of the school she teaches at). The two remain friends and correspond when they can. 

Joy has an affinity for dolls of all types to the point of being in the "crazy doll lady" zone. She also plays Final Battle Adventure Online. Despite having several high-level characters on the Sherup servers, she usually plays on the Hippedown server.

At first, Joy saw Isaac (Blue's half brother and her fellow roommate) as a younger brother type, cute, but no one to consider to be in a relationship with. After getting to know him better, she started to see past his looks and saw the well-meaning, overly exuberant person he was- full of energy and life. She found herself interested in him, but shied away from starting a relationship with him, fearing it would end like all her others and cause problems for her, Isaac and Blue (she flat out rejected him, saying she needed a more mature, more settled man in her life as she really just wanted to stop dating and start settling in). She fought her feelings by helping Isaac and her friend Falco get into a relationship, but in the end neither of them were too interested in being anything but friends. Even though she knew better, and he was in a relationship already, Joy found herself still interested in him, and a bit jealous at times.

Despite all this, Joy is still a rock of sanity for all her friends and is the most dependable.

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Full Name: Joy Satu 
Relationship Status: unknown/ Teacher 
Nicknames: none 
Eye Color: Red 
Hair: Blonde
Fur: white (Winter/ dyed) pink (Spring, Summer, Fall [when not dyed])
Birthday: April 1st 1984
Age: 39

Mother Satu (Mother)
Frank Satu (Father)
Louie Satu (Brother)
Marvin Satu (Brother)
Fran Satu (Sister-in-Law)
Val Satu (Sister-in-Law)
Jeremy Satu (Nephew)

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