Roxanne and Dimitri met through a co-worker of Roxanne.  It took him quite some time to work up the courage to ask her out.  The two dated for quite some time and got... well, got pregnant.

Dimitri wanted to make an honest woman of Roxanne the moment he found out, but she was afraid of being forced him into a marriage they may later regret and wasn't able to fully trust any man.  Dimitri, being an older gentlemen himself, decided to bide his time and gain Roxanne's love and trust.  Dimitri was always by her side (when she would let him) and was present at the birth of their child, Daisy.  This was the last rock in the wall Roxanne had built around herself.

The two spoke of marriage, but due to their busy schedules, the two never had a chance to plan the sort of wedding they wanted.  Unfortunately, fate was a bit impatient with them...

Before his grandmother passed away, he took both his baby and his new bride (he married her on the way) to see her.

When the three of them got home, Dimitri moved into Roxanne's house to be a full time father and husband (he also has a day job, but those first two things come first in his life).  They've been a happy family ever since.

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Character's Page

Full Name: Dimitri Huss
Relationship Status: Married 
Nicknames: None
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Dark Blonde
Fur: Red
Birthday: April 12th 1970
Age: 53

Roxanne Deiter-Huss (Wife)
Daisy Huss (Daughter)
Blue Deiter (sister-in-law)
Isaac Telford (brother-in-law)

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