Snickers Namir is the oldest of the Namir sisters. During the first two or so years, Tipper and Snickers had a more immature "pesky little sister" relationship, with Tipper being the pesky little sister.  Snickers loves her sister and has been motherly with her, watching over her like a hawk wherever the two went.

This got worse since their parents got a divorce (off camera) around the end of year two.  As a result, their father (and for the most part, their mother) was not there for their daughters.

Snickers and her husband Twix (who were married around the end of year three) have become Tipper's unofficial guardians.   The only real time Snickers has ever 'let down her hair' was when she was dating her now husband, Twix DorpeTwix ended up taking Snicker's last name.

The two got married on whim over at the local 24 hour chapel in a "drunken stupor" induced by non-alcoholic cider.  Since Twix is a few years older than her, Snickers has a tendency to want to act older than she is.  There are times when Snickers is the more mature of the two.

Snickers likes to think she is a logical person at heart, but she can be irrational sometimes.  Having purple fur can do that to you.  She's usually the logical thinker in her group of friends (which is easy to be, considering the other girls).

Snickers is the 'straight man' for most of the gags in the comic.  Her fashion sense is a bit lacking, but she always tries to have a neat and clean appearance.

Snickers and her parents do not have a good relationship, they never did. She acted as a shield between her mentally abusive parents and her sister, so Tipper could have a normal childhood. She no longer considers herself a dreamer, since her own ambitions to become a ballerina were crushed at an early age.

She enjoys to wear the colors green and blue because they look really good on her (or so she thinks).

Snickers once attended the University with her friends Joy and Blue while still "living at home" with husband Twix and sister Tipper.  But due to Snickers flunking all but one class, she has lost her financial aid and can no longer afford school.  Currently she is working alongside husband Twix at Dorpe Flowers Plus.

Snicker's mother has passed away, leaving both the Namir home and Tipper her sole responsibility (legally). 

Snicker has take on many roles, such as college droput, daughter-in-law, and 'motherly figure' to Tipper.

In late 2007, Snickers gave birth to her daughter, Cerise Dorpe-Namir.

Character's Page

Full Name: Snickers Namir 
Relationship Status: Married
Nicknames: Snick 
Eye Color: green 
Hair: purple 
Fur: purple 
Birthday: June 26th 1984
Age: 39

Twix Dorpe-Namir (husband)
Cerise Dorpe-Namir (daughter)
Tipper O'Donnell (sister)
Charles O'Donnell (brother-in-law)
BoB Dorpe (Cousin-in-law)
Momma Dorpe (Mother-in-law)
Murphy Dorpe (Father-in-law)
Vivian Namir (Aunt)
Mother Namir (Mother - deceased)
Father Namir (Father - estranged)

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