Minor Characters
Characters appear in no particular order.

Vivian Namir: Snicker's and Tipper's aunt. Is on the outs with the Namir family and as such is now building a family bond with the girls. Is close to her brother (the girls' father, who seems to also be on the outs with the Namirs).

Mrs. Van Helgen: A strong, violent woman.

Mr. Van Helgen: Cedric's dad, whom Cedric seems to have gotten his creepiness from.

Cerise Namir: Snickers and Twix's baby. Tipper and Charles' niece. Pretty standard for a baby.

Daisy Huss: Roxanne and Dimitri's daughter and Blue and Isaac's niece. Is pretty good at video games and has been since she was a baby (thanks to Blue sticking her in front of a gaming system instead of watching her).

Dean Wilson: Charles' boss at the college. Has a somewhat perverted sense of humor and is almost a fatherly figure to Charles.

Mrs. Anneston: Falco and Leonard's mom. A straight-laced woman.

Ian Rufus: Blue's boss and current dating interest. Divorced and a bit older than her.

Mr. Telford: Isaac's father and the one person Blue could consider a father (not biologically). Overprotective of his only son.

Missy Telford: Isaac's step-mom. Used to try and help Isaac out when staying past curfew, but is only semi-dependable.

Jacinda: A girl who attends art school who was once in a relationship with Gabby. The relationship ended after Gabby was unable to take Jacinda's infidelity. 

Leonard Anneston: Falco's little brother. Pretty good at video games (even won a tournament Isaac participated in) but was still beat by a baby (Daisy).

Martin Hertz: A 38 year old former principal, now superintendent. Has a small crush on Joy, but the two are nothing more than friends.

Mother Satu: Joy's loving mom. 

Frank Satu: Joy's dad, the dentist.

Louie Satu: Joy's older brother.

Marvin Satu: Joy's older brother.

Maude Dorpe: A Dorpe relative who works at Dorpe Flowers Plus.

Maggie Dorpe: Bob's hot and single mom *shudder*.

Cornelius Dorpe: Works at Dorpe Flowers Plus, is a smart man who cares enough for Joy not to get involved with her. Second most dependable worker besides Twix.

Jeremy Satu: Joy's nephew

Mother Namir: Mother Namir has never been shown in the comic, but we know a bit about her.  When she wasn't running around doing who-knows-what, she was overly strict with her children to "make up" for all that lost parenting. Her and Father Namir finally got divorced in 2001 (they had been separated for a while before then). She hid from law in Canada, leaving her daughters to fend on their own. Fortunately, they received child support from their father, so they barely notice the difference (except for the house being much quieter).  Mother Namir passed away in early 2005.

Father Namir:Tipper and Snickers' father. He's flaky, undependable and forgettable.  Walked out on the girls a few years back after his divorce to Mother Namir and only shows up to cause trouble.

Mrs. Ramos: All we know is that she is Gabby's mother.  She likes to cook for people and is very cautious with her only daughter. A bit of a drunk who is only a little understanding of Gabby's lifestyle.

Momma Dorpe: Twix's mother. A dotty woman who pushes things too far and makes sure she gets what she wants. Her intentions are mostly good, though. She adores her grand child Cerise and has been a big help to Snickers and Twix.

Murphy Dorpe: Twix's father. He is a man of few words but many hams. It's rare to see him without a piece of food in his mouth.

Harly: Harly is a friend of Tipper's who works at Ya Ta Comics, a local comic book shop. Tipper covered for Harly for a weekend while Harly and her boyfriend took off for a mini- vacation.  Harly is still probably working at Ya Ta, but Tipper is too afraid of the place and its patrons to find out.

Murray:  One of Cedric's assistants in his effort to make his comic book. No one is really sure what Murray does for the comic book because he keeps his work very hush-hush. Actually, he's just playing solitaire, but it's a really hush-hush game of solitaire. Knew Isaac back in High School and doesn't seem to like him much, despite Isaac claiming to be his friend.

Bendly: One of Cedric's assistants in his effort to make his comic book. Bendly is in charge of page layouts and is the most serious worker in the group.  Knew Isaac back in High School and doesn't seem to like him much, despite Isaac claiming to be his friend.

Devlin: Tipper's Ex boyfriend, he cheated on her and he got smacked good. He's been out of town for the most part up till graduation.

Mallory's mother:  Mallory's mother isn't a talkative person... she is the mother of Mallory and the cousin of Blue and Roxanne.

Misha:  Misha is Taimoor's little sister... she is thereabouts of eight years old.  She likes bothering her older brother (aka asking him for help) and playing Little League baseball.

Linny:  One of Dahlia's maids.  She is the youngest of the group, but has been given the sole responsibility of taking care of Dahlia. 

Taimoor's Tutor: Taimoor's unnamed tutor seems to be very strict when it comes to the rules, you can tell she takes her job seriously.  She can be a bit bossy at times, so much so that on their first encounter Tipper Namir thought her to be Taimoor's girlfriend. She appears to be a bit older than Taimoor or Tipper.