Cedric is an aspiring cartoonist who was madly in love with, to the point of slightly stalking, Tipper Namir

He wanted to know more about her, and get her be the model for his latest comics. Back when he was in high school, Cedric didn't have many friends besides Taimoor. Cedric can be oblivious to the world around him at times.

Cedric had a rival (of sorts) from the first day of Art classes, Gabby.  Cedric was threatened by her confidence in her art, as well as the confidence she has in herself...and also felt Gabby was trying to muscle in on Tipper's modeling time.

Cedric and Tipper were going out for a while... but after a disastrous prom date, Tipper decided to break things up between then (with Cedric halfheartedly agreeing).  Over time the two began to tolerate each other more and actually go on being "just friends".

Cedric used to live in a three bedroom apartment with Gabby and his ex-girlfriend Falco.  He is also attended the local community college, so his parents had a reason to support him.

Cedric got accepted to the Durri School of Arts (a prestigiously artsy school that's five hours away from everything Cedric knew) and has since graduated.  He had to leave behind all his friends and family, but they know he'll be back, hopefully a better person. Him and his (probably) girlfriend Falco had attempted a long distance relationship, but it did not work out and the two broke up.

After their breakup, Cedric cleaned himself up. He cut his hair and is trying to be a more responsible adult. He is currently in a normal college with plans to become an art teacher (and to move back to Sherup).  Part of this may have been to impress Tipper for one more try at her, but it would be vain to think that's his only reason. Currently, Cedric and Falco have run away to Durri to spend the rest of the semester of school there together. Their plans remain unknown.

Tipper, Charles, Falco, Joy and Cedric all play Final Battle Adventure On-line, an MMROPG. Tipper has a lower level character than the others, whose levels are in their 100's. Joy claims to no longer play on the Sherup server, but rather uses a proxy server to play over in Hippedown.

In all honesty, Cedric is a bit creepy... but it just adds to his... charm?

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Character's Page

Full Name: Cedric Pakuna Van Helgen
Relationship Status: unknown 
Nicknames: Ced
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair: Dark Brown
Fur: Light Brown with light patches
Birthday: September 16th 1986
Age: 37

Mr. Van Helgen (father)
Mrs. Van Helgen (mother)


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