She may be known by her relatives as Jennifer Anneston, but she prefers to go by Falco, which is easier and more recognizable (and she gets less 'Friends' jokes that way).

Falco is a bit of a local idol in the "Battle to the Death II" arcade community.  Her site is one of the most popular in Sherup.  She does moves that not even the manufacturer has heard of (such as a 150-Hit combo) and, before meeting Cedric, had not taken a single hit during a tournament.  Cedric, however, broke this streak during a local "Battle to the Death II" tournament.

Falco is a bit of tomboy and is very sensitive about being mistaken for a boy.  She is also proud, which doesn't help her previous flaw.  The fact she gets mistaken for a man on-line all the time doesn't help either of her last two quirks as well. Falco also has a bit too much interest in gossip, which has gotten her in trouble.

After the tournament, Falco became quick friends with Tipper and Gabby (technically she was already Gabby's friend since the two frequently talked through Falco's site).

After graduating, Falco decided to attend the same community college as Tipper and Cedric- and moved into a three bedroom apartment with her ex-boyfriend Cedric and friend Gabby. Gabby was having problems getting over her unrequited love for her friend, Tipper, so Falco decided to try and butt her nose into the matter in order to help the two come together.

Unfortunately, Tipper was not interested in Gabby in that way, which caused an even larger rift between Falco and Gabby

Falco's ex-boyfriend, Cedric, moved to attend an art college some five hours away.  It was too difficult, and the two of them broke up.

She is friends with now with Joy, as the two share the same hobbies (although she feels she is no where near Joy's "crazy doll-lady" status). Falco was still attending college, but has removed herself from her old group of friends and moved into her parent's house again. She briefly dated Isaac Telford, falling for his face and charms, but once she saw past his looks, she decided he wasn't the one she wanted to be with.

Currently, Falco is with Cedric in Durri, her motives are unknown.

Tipper, Charles, Falco, Joy and Cedric all play Final Battle Adventure On-line, an MMROPG. Tipper has a lower level character than the others, whose levels are in their 100's. Joy claims to no longer play on the Sherup server, but rather uses a proxy server to play over in Hippedown.

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Character's Page

Full Name: Jennifer Anneston
Relationship Status: unknown
Nicknames: Jen, Falco
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Fur: White
Birthday: April 12th 1987
Age: 36

Mrs. Anneston (mother)
Mr. Anneston (father)
Leonard Anneston (brother)

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