Joan is a childhood friend of Gabby and Charles. She is one of the people who originally called them "Gigi and Chachi". She is Charles' self-proclaimed "first girlfriend" although Charles doesn't remember her. This proclamation made Joan one of Tipper's least favorite people, something she isn't too happy about- she just wants to be friends with Charles and his wife. Joan is a simple-minded, happy girl who can be a trouble-maker, although it's usually not intentional. She moved to Sherup after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend (Jared) and is looking for a roommate (she's hoping Gabby will fill the role).

When they were kids, Joan and Charles had a crush on each other, and pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend for a day, which crushed Gabby (who, at the time, also had a crush on Joan). For reasons unknown, Charles and Joan never saw each other afterwards.

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Full Name: Joan Cutter
Relationship Status: unknown 

Nicknames: Joannie
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair: Golden Blond
Fur: Brown with beige muzzle
Birthday: June 3rd 1986
Age: 37

None known

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