Blue Deiter is the oldest female of the original four, but the least mature. Blue ran away from her abusive home at the age of ten to live her with a woman whom she believed to be her sister (which was only confirmed years later).  Blue has never really known or followed rules too well. However, TV has helped her to learn what to do and what not to do to get arrested. 

Blue enjoys the company of men. She enjoys their company and having them buy things for her (as well as clean her bathroom every now and then). However, since she has known no steady men in her life, she has very little love or respect for them and sees them more like toys.  She feels that is how they view her as well. She has never been in a steady relationship, very few of her boyfriends are ever mentioned (and if they are, they are never mentioned again). 

Blue and Tipper fought a lot, because Blue resented that Tipper had an older sister who will always be there for her, while Blue's was more a mother than a sister. What Blue wants more than anything (yet will never admit) is a steady family. 

Blue has a carefree attitude most of the time, and rarely gets serious.

Blue used to work part-time at McDon Don's, a local fast food chain...whenever she felt like it. 

She has a cousin once removed, Mallory (aka Ducky), but the two do not get along to well since Blue sent Mallory on to a talk show that put her through boot camp (and gave her a make-over). 

Blue graduated college (without a ceremony), moved back into her sister, Roxanne's house to help here take care of her sister's baby, Daisy, and is now working full time at Martini Tuesdays, the local frat-area bar.  She is also helping Tipper to pay for college (helping, but not paying for... Blue fully expects Tipper to pay her back).  Then Blue's sister married her baby-daddy.

Since then, she has moved into a rented house with her friend Joy and continued her bartending career. 

Recently, she found out that a younger patron of the bar was her half brother, Isaac Telford, who inadvertently caused her to question the way she had led her entire life. 

The experience left her a changed person. She has been celibate ever since she found out Isaac was her brother and is taking her relationships seriously. Blue no longer wears her characteristic jeans-and-jacket combo, but is trying to be a different, gentler person. She has her lapses. She is currently starting dating her boss, Ian Rufus, but how serious the relationship is still unknown. 

Blue is working on forming a relationship with Mr. Telford, Isaac's father and the only man who was ever close to being a fatherly figure to her.

As she does not know how to be a good big sister, Blue treats Isaac like one of the girls.


Character's Page

Full Name: Blue Deiter
Relationship Status: Single/
College Student/ Slacker 
Nicknames: none 
Eye Color: Violet / Blue 
Hair: Blue
Fur: Blonde
Birthday: December 18th 1982
Age: 40

Roxanne Deiter-Huss (sister)
Isaac Telford (brother)
Mallory's mom (cousin)
Mallory Duck (cousin once removed)
Dimitri Huss (brother-in-law)
Daisy Huss (Niece)
Chrysanthemum Deiter (mother)

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  • Joy and Blue rent a house
  • Blue finds out Isaac is her brother
  • Started dating her boss
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