Twix Dorpe-Namir is first and foremost married to Mrs. Snickers Namir (he took her name), this fact is the most treasured thing in the world to him.  One might call Twix an eccentric person... but he just does what he believes is right for himself. He enjoys getting dressed up to the tails (and top hat) whenever possible (this is one of the things Mrs. Namir is trying to train out of him) and likes saying the word 'hoy'. Why is anyone's guess. Twix is Tipper's unofficial fatherly figure, but neither of them would ever admit it. 

Twix graduated from Durri University in 2001.

Twix is BoB Dorpe's cousin (some people think that Twix was switched at birth...but how the nurse could have given the all-slug family a baby kitty, and still kept a straight face is anyone's guess). BoB actually introduced Snickers and Twix to each other.

Twix is currently the head florist/manager/owner of Dorpe Flowers Plus- a family business (technically, the business belongs to all the Dorpes, but everything is in Twix's name). 

He is now the proud papa of Cerise Dorpe-Namir and is trying to catch up on his sleep.

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Full Name: Twix Dorpe-Namir
Relationship Status: Married
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair: White
Fur: White with Dark Orange patches
Birthday: September 20th 1979
Age: 44
Nicknames: None

Snickers Namir (Wife)
Cerise Dorpe-Namir (daughter)
Tipper O'Donnell (Sister-in-law)
BoB Dorpe (Cousin)
Momma Dorpe (Mother)
Murphy Dorpe (Father)

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