Taimoor was a scrawny kid when Tipper first met him, back when she was bamboozled into helping at a YMCA. 

He had a desire to win the love of his life, and Tipper wanted to help him with his goal.  But by the time Tipper got out of being grounded (for backing out of helping at the YMCA), Taimoor had a large growth spurt and suddenly didn't need any help getting ladies to look his way.  Tipper didn't know what she felt for him, and wonders if she knows the real Taimoor, or the Taimoor she envisioned while she as planning for those five months... 

Taimoor had broken off any romantic relationship that Tipper and himself could have had... and decided to stay with his girlfriend, Dahlia.

Taimoor enjoys working towards goals, but he can be clueless when it comes to matters of the heart. He doesn't seem to have many friends outside of school except for Cedric.  This is just as well for Taimoor since he's always busy getting tutored for one school subject or another.

In 2005, Taimoor's long-time girlfriend, Dahlia, ended up moving to be closer to him.  By the end of the school year, the two decided to move away from everyone (mainly Tipper, since the two had unresolved feelings for each other which made Dahlia nervous), but not before announcing his engagement to Dahlia.

Taimoor is currently living far away from anyone from the main cast, which made his girlfriend very happy.

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Full Name: Taimoor
Relationship Status: Dating/ High School Student 
Nicknames: Tai
Eye Color: brown 
Hair: red
Fur: white with black patches
Birthday: July 2nd  1988
Age: 35

Misha (sister)

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