Charles O'Donnell is Gabby's cousin.  When he was very young, he lived in Gabby's house when his mother needed to get away from dubious people she owed money to.  Because of this, Gabby and Charles are almost like brother and sister themselves.  After high school, Charles went off to college and got out of town as soon as he could.  After finishing college, he came back to his old home town to finish up his student-teaching at the local community college (teaching Argumentation and Debate), and reconnected with his cousin Gabby, a college student herself.  The two decided to move into an apartment together, along with, Tipper Namir, a former student of his who was not happy with the arrangement.

Charles graduated from Durri University in 2001 (and more than likely continued with his teaching credentials in a university in Sherup where he would later become a student teacher). Charles was once a student teacher, but now has taken over the teaching duties from the previous Argumentation and Debate teacher.  Currently he is teaching full time at the community college (having obtained his Master's degree).

Joy and Charles once went out on a date (the two were set up by Tipper). Due to this, the two are a bit stand-offish with each other, but tolerate each other for Tipper's sake.

Charles has a stoic sense of duty when it comes to his job. He's follows rules to the letter, one of the things that kept him away from starting a relationship with Tipper (someone who, while technically was not his student, was a student in the class he was a student teacher in). However, once he decides he wants something, he doesn't beat around the bush. People who don't know Charles might call him "stodgy", but those who know him call him "crusty, in a loveable sort of way". 

Charles breezed through both high school and college, finishing them both early. This may be why he didn't have much of a social life in those times. Others will tell you he didn't have much of a social life because he's a jerk. With the exception of a girl he was interested in back in college (who he later found out was sleeping with teachers, something that greatly disgusted him and helped to sculpt him into the bitter man he is today) and one date with Joy, Tipper has been the only girl in his life. He handles people with varying levels of tolerance; the only person he truly respects at work is the dean of the college he teaches at. 

Charles plays the guitar, and he has a high tolerance for spicy foods.

Charles teaches the class the way he wants to: with an iron fist.  Most of the college's student body greatly dislikes him, all except Tipper, whom at first did not like him, but tried to understand him, if only for the sake of her friend and his cousin, Gabby. Gabby has heard from his students (Falco and Isaac) that Charles is finally mellowing out and is a tough, but effective teacher.

His mother passed away in 2007. He tries not to think of her much as she did not think of him.

After the two of them moved in together as roommates to help his cousin, Tipper and Charles started to warm up to each other.  After a quick, awkward courtship, Charles and Tipper are engaged to be married, and after a long engagement the two were married in Fall 2008. Charles is open with Tipper, even more so than anyone else. He depends on her emotionally, which shows in small ways.

Charles is very good at the subject he teaches, as he loves arguing and debating for the sake of debating. 

Charles may seem cocky and snide. This is on purpose.  It's difficult for him to appear otherwise, as he has tried all his life to appear harsh.

In front of people he does not know, Charles is very pleasant, but as soon as you turn your head, he'll go right back to his sourness.  If he's bitter with you all the time- that means he feels comfortable enough with you to be himself around you.

Tipper, Charles, Falco, Joy and Cedric all play Final Battle Adventure On-line, an MMROPG. Tipper has a lower level character than the others, whose levels are in their 100's. Joy claims to no longer play on the Sherup server, but rather uses a proxy server to play over in Hippedown.


Character's Page

Full Name: Charles O' Donnell
Relationship Status: Married
Nicknames: Chachi 
Eye Color: Auburn
Hair: Auburn
Fur: Grey
Birthday: August 29th 1979
Age: 44

Tipper O'Donnell (wife)
Gabby Ramos (cousin)
Mrs. Ramos (Aunt)
Tia Lupe (Aunt)
Mother (deceased)

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  • Charles mother passes away
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  • Tipper and Charles wed
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