Tipper Namir is the youngest female member of the group.  Because of this, whenever she hits a milestone in her life (such as her first date, her first serious relationship), the other girls in are there to give her advice.  Tipper's own mother was rarely around to give her any.  Sometimes she appreciates the advice she gets, but she often just wants to do things her own way (however wrong that may be).

Tipper used to be high strung, but over the past few years things such as dumping her boyfriend (after she found him cheating on her on Christmas day) have begun to mellow her out.  She's never been too good at school or anything involving hand-eye coordination (excluding the occasional punch to cheating boyfriends). As Snickers' little sister, Tipper is friends with most of Snickers' friends, with the exception being Blue Deiter. Blue and Tipper's relationship began rather harshly. They never really got along and physically fought a lot. However, over the years, the two have mellowed up a bit.  They fight less and there have been a few times when Blue has offered Tipper advice.  You could almost say that Blue has finally acknowledged Tipper's right to exist.

Tipper never had much luck in dating.   She has met a couple of good male friends (such as Twix and Taimoor, a boy one year younger than her whom she met while doing forced community service at a YMCA).

Tipper is a budding young woman with a whopping three hair style changes throughout the series.  Tipper is never quite sure of herself, but that never keeps her from trying.  She tries to be there as much as possible for her friends, the few of them that she has. She is not sure about herself as a woman and wonders if she's 'good enough'. Coincidentally, her self-esteem had a tendency to fall when she's around men she is attracted to.

She will try difficult tasks, but once she has tried and failed she has a tendency to give up.

Tipper had one friend in High School, a girl named Gabby who wasn't on friendly terms with Cedric (which made her all right in Tipper's book). Since then they have all gotten on better terms with each other.

Tipper had been having some trouble adjusting to life after her father busted his way back into her life, only to forget about her once again...she was in a relationship with Cedric for a while, but they broke up, and Taimoor, her other suitor, got engaged to Dahlia, which left her very single.

Tipper also had to come to terms with the death of her mother, as well her sister, Snickers, lying to her about it, to try to protect her. The two sisters have worked the issue out off-camera.

Thanks to the financial help of Blue, she attended the local community college, along with her friend Falco and ex-boyfriend Cedric.

Falco told Tipper that Gabby had feelings for Tipper that went beyond friendship.  Unfortunately the situation ended up quite awkward as Tipper did not share Gabby's feelings.  She is still good friends with Falco and Cedric.

During her second year of college, Tipper moved out of her sister's house and into a three-bedroom apartment with Gabby and Charles.   She was not entirely fond of the situation at first, but the two of them slowly grew fond of each other.  After a whirlwind romance, Charles and Tipper are married in Fall 2008. She is rather clingy with her husband, something which neither of them mind. He is just as clingy as she is, in his own way.

Tipper graduated with an associates degree and currently works as an office worker at the same elementary school as Joy.

Tipper, Charles, Falco, Joy and Cedric all play Final Battle Adventure On-line, an MMROPG. Tipper has a lower level character than the others, whose levels are in their 100's. Joy claims to no longer play on the Sherup server, but rather uses a proxy server to play over in Hippedown.

Character's Page

Full Name: Tipper O' Donnell
Formally known as: Tipper Namir 
Relationship Status: Married/ Office worker 
Nicknames: Tipp
Eye Color: brown 
Hair: white
Fur: white and light orange
Birthday: August 4th 1987
Age: 36

Charles O' Donnell (Husband)
Snickers Namir (Sister)
Twix Dorpe-Namir (Brother-in-law)
Cerise Dorpe- Deiter (niece)
Mother Namir (Mother - deceased)
Father Namir (Father - estranged)
Vivian Namir (Aunt)

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