Mallory Duck (AKA Ducky) is Blue's cousin and an ex-friend of Joy and BoB's. Mallory used to call herself Ducky, a persona of hers with bright teal eyes and purple hair, which she did in the hopes of imitating her (second) cousin Blue.

The Ducky persona was only slightly more violent, but rather annoying to Blue, so she sent 'Ducky' off to boot camp (and gave her a make over) on an episode of the Jenny Jub talk show.  Now that she's boring old Mallory with her brown hair and eyes again, she rarely goes out outside of school. Mallory and BoB have a love-hate friendship, since BoB has a tendency to blow up any PC he touches (she has since had to switch to E-Macs). Mallory is rather smart and can be seen in an orange sweater.

Mallory was the mastermind behind Joy's failed K.A.C. (Kick Ass Chat) relationship. "Ducky" duped BoB into thinking that dumping Joy on-line anonymously would make her more vulnerable in real life, so she'd be more willing to go out with him.

In reality, "Ducky" had no intention on having Joy and BoB get together, but BoB was persistent on getting Joy and eventually started a relationship with her.  Needless to say, them getting together really cheesed Mallory off.

Mallory has recent reemerged as her "Ducky" persona in the hopes of getting to like her... for more information on Ducky, click here.

Currently, Mallory and BoB Dorpe were engaged to be married, but much to Mallory's delight, BoB decided to ditch his bride (only before she could do the same to her groom).

Character's Page

Full Name: Mallory Duck, AKA "Ducky"
Relationship Status: Single/ High School Student/ 
Nicknames: None
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair: Dark Brown
Fur: Tan
Birthday: May 12th 1985
Age: 38

Blue Deiter (cousin once removed)
Roxanne Deiter  (cousin once removed)
Mallory's Mom (Mother)
Daisy Huss (cousin twice removed)

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