The Terror of Trevor- A written by FrostDemn (

"Alright, class, welcome back. I hope you all had a restful Summer vacation!" Yes, it was true... School had started again. All the students were restless... but the one who was most restless was Tipper Namir. The poor cat hadn't finished her assigned  reading (even though it was only 12 more pages until she was done)... but that's not important. The  important part was what the teacher said next: "I can see that everyone here was here last year. Now I'd like to introduce the newest member of our class. He's visiting for a while, and if he likes our town, he'll stay! Trevor, please come in!" Just at that moment, the door opened and in stepped a cheerful looking person wearing a big smirk painted across his face and... the physical structure of BoB Dorpe; Green, slimy, and heavy... "Hi! I'm Trevor Dorpe, I just moved here, and I'm glad to be a part of your... your..." He took a quick glance around the room and then pointed to Tipper. "EVIL! That girl is evil, and I bet she's an alien! Just look at her!" With that, she got angry and lost control. "Oh yeah? Take a look at yourself, green-boy!" The newcomer could only smirk and mutter something to himself quietly, but not really quietly because everybody could easily hear what he could say. "Hehehee, this will be great living here! Not only do I get to visit my cousin BoB, but I also get to thwart this evil alien's plans for destruction!" Apparently, this roused some anger because the teacher almost slapped him as she yelled "GET TO YOUR SEAT! THE BELL HAS RUNG!" At the end of the school day, BoB met up with Trevor and went to show him around the town. 'This can't be good,' thought Tipper. 'If there'sanything we don't need, it's another BoB! But what can I do? Maybe I should ask a professional...'

"You wanna get rid of someone?" said Snickers. She wasn't surprised how her little sister would want to do that... "Well, from what you say, why not make them think this town isn't so great? Make them hate it and they'll wanna get away from here ASAP!" "You might be right about that." said the younger sister. "Of course I am. I'm your older sister." "Can you at least help me do that?" "Sorry, but that's not my area. Go ask someone else." And with that, Snickers "lovingly" shoved her sister out of her room and into the hallway. Blue just happened to be climbing the stairs at that time. "What's wrong with you?" She said. "I want to get rid of BoB's cousin Trevor or else my life will be a living heck. Can you help me get rid of him?" Tipper put her hands together, knowing Blue can surely make Trevor want to leave. "PLEEEEEAASSSSEEEEE?!?" Blue smirked. "Why would I want to help you?" "Uhh... because you like making life tough for people like me and you're good at it?" "Nope." "Because..." Tipper paused for a moment. "Because I'll pay you two weeks worth of my allowance." Blue frowned at this. "Try again, orange kitty." Tipper let out a sigh as her ears lowered. "Three weeks..." "DONE!" And with that, Blue grabbed Tipper by the arm and dragged her down the stairs, out the door, and into her garage.

Blue's garage was full of miscellaneous junk, and smelled of paint and gasoline. The things that stood out were a pile of bottlecaps, a small orange cat voodoo doll with pins on it, and a table with a map of town and chess pieces placed on it. Blue shoved away most of the stuff and put two black pawns where the school was. "This is the school. BoB's normal route home is down the street here." She pushed the pawns over the path, then put a white knight on the table. "BoB always passes here, so we can set up... hmm..." she thought for a moment. "The stink bomb trap here." Tipper was sitting on a stack of tires and raised her hand. "But I'm trying to get rid of Trevor." Blue let out a sigh. "Trevor will be staying witH BoB, so they'll obviously walk home together!" She put a white bishop at another part of the map. 'We'll put the water-balloons here. That gets 'em every time, and at this rate, he'll be gone by the time they reach the arcade!"

The next day, Tipper set up the traps before school, then went to her classes. Trevor kept making outbursts of accusations that she was an alien and throwing stuff at her. At the end of the day, Tipper had bits of paper in her hair to shake out, but she first trap in an alley. It was where BoB always tries to tie his shoe. BoB and Trevor passed by, right on time when BoB stopped to tie his shoe. Tipper quickly put on a breathing mask and set off the stink bomb and ran off. The pungent stench of rotten eggs and spoiled milk filled the alley and spread out to the street, to BoB and his cousin. "Hmm... something smells good. BoB, I must complement on how your town smells. I can tell I'll like it here." The other slug said. Tipper growled from the alley and ran up ahead to the tree where the net of water balloons was conveniently placed with the pull-rope to release them. When Tipper heard BoB coming up, she yanked the cord with all her might. And it came off. The mesh bag stayed suspended in the tree as BoB and Trevor passed. And left. Tipper stepped out and kicked the tree angrily. the bag swung a bit, then fell before her, splattering water everywhere and all over her clothes. Trevor turned around and pointed. "I told you! Aliens are naturally moist and don't need a reason!" "Let's just go, Trevor." BoB replied."The arcade closes in an hour, and you've been so excited to check it out." Both of them left, and Tipper eventually followed after them. BoB was waiting outside. "Where's your cousin?" Tipper asked in an annoyed way. Then she grabbed BoB by the collar of his shirt. "WHERE IS HE??" BoB pointed inside. "I've been banned since I broke that wierd red box thingy with the TV in it so he went in alone." At that moment, Trevor barged out furiously. "What kind of arcade is this? They only have DDR 2nd ReMix!! It's obsolete! It's boring! i'm going back home. Enjoy your boring town, BoB." were the last words he said before calling a cab and leaving. BoB looked at Tipper quietly for a bit as his cousin drove off, then spoke up. "Hey, Tipper... You're soaked."