Tippers bad day : Fiction by Felinoid


Tipper was having a very bad day. Bad hair day. She forgot her homework and did lousy in her classes.
She's comming home in a very down mood. Unusual for the normally chipper feline.

She opens the door on her own prefering to not burdon anyone with her bad mood. She crawls to her bed and lays down for a while. Maybe sleepping it off.

She notices the house is unusually quiet. Nah she wants to bug her sister. So Tipper jumps out off bed and walks around. Sees nobody in site. She finds a note.

"Tipper.. Me and the gange are off on a day trip. Sorry to exclude you" Figures the day I've been having "but we couldn't afford it with you along." grrr maybe I have my own money? "You have the place all to yourself for the day... Sis.."

"Looks like I have nobody to talk my feelings out to... On the other hand I can scream and nobody will care......"
Tipper thinks for a moment "My day wasn't bad enough to scream"

She desides to be curreous... So she rummages around the place and finds some trip planning notes writen by blue.

Tipper figures she can read thies notes... while watching TV... yeah.. the days getting better allready.
Tipper returns to her chipper self sits at the couch and flips on the TV then she studys the notes.
"Let's see what big plans everyone had"

The notes seem cryptic... and Tipper has a problem focusing on them and watching the TV news. The weather guy seems cute.

"Ohh they travled by Buss..."
*In todays news an accadent involving Layrun buss*
News and Tipper in-sync "4273"
*The survivers were sent to the "Saint Nickolus" hospital...*
"Thats near by..."
Tipper checks the notes again... just to be sure...
and Layrun 4273 was the buss they picked...

Tipper turns the TV off forgets her problems and runs to the hospital to check on her friends.

Not to long after Tipper leaves... The gange returns...
Blue "BoB had the right idea for the first time"
Snickers "Not so much the right idea as just having the money to do it"
Joy "I'm amazed BoB had so much idle cash"
Snickers "Just a guess.. I think he forgets he has any money and so he never spends it"
Blue "Money managment for morons"
Snickers looks at TV and noticed Tipper accadentaly turnned on the TiVO.
Blue "Whats that thing do?"
Snickers "Oh this.. it records what your watching while your watching it"
Blue "What good is that?"
Joy "Ever wanted to pause a TV show so you can answer the phone? Thats what you do with TiVO... you pause and pick up where you left off"
Blue "Cool... and Tipper was using this?"
Snickers "Yeah so whatever she was watching is recorded"
Everyone piles on the couch to see what Tipper was watching.
Joy "Isn't that the buss we were going to ride?"
Blue "Yeah and if that jerk had given us correct information we wouldn't have missed it"
Snickers "Well give one to morons.." *points at TV* "thats our buss"
Joy notices the notes on the floor "This is what Tipper was watching?"
Snickers nods yes
Joy then asks blue "Are thies your planning notes"
Blue nods yes...
Joy "I think Tipper is at the hospital looking for us now"

everyone piles out of the house and heads for the hospital.

They walk into the hospital loby and ask the reception nurse if she saw Tipper and gives her a discription.
"Yes.. she is visiting her friend..."
"A Mr BoB Dorpe"

Blue: "BoB must have taken the buss anyway..."
Snickers: "I'd think you'd be happy"
Blue: "I'll be happy when he's injured by his own hand... This is MY plan that hurt him..." *whimpers* "I don't want to be responsable for BoB"

Tipper and BoB are walking down the hallway folowed by a doctor...
Doctor (to Tipper) "Your friend is in perfict health in spite of everything... I guess being a jello mass really has it's advantages."
Tipper (to the Doctor) "I guess so..."
Blue "What happend.. is BoB ok?"
Doctor "Your friends of BoB too?"
Snickers "Ummm"
Joy "Yes"

Doctor "Well.. your friend is a herro.. after the crash he helpped everyone escape. Carrying out those who were nocked out and helpping the injured"

BoB "Had to get sleepping people off the burnning buss before they got hurt"

Joy "Hay BoB.. Weren't you affrade?"
BoB "Me? No.. why?"
Blue "The fire"
BoB "Ohh... you don't know? I'm fire proof"
Doctor "Your friend is correct.. our only consern was for impact injurys.. cuts.. that sort of thing. He is a rare fire slug.. Like having an aspestos skin.. his body emits a fluid that is not only sticky but puts out fire..."

BoB grabs the pen to sign out... he signs out... and is stuck to the pen...
"Joy... help..."