Namir Deiter
A Stalker's Schedule
Written by FrostDemn

My name is Cedric. You must already know this, so I'll get on with my story. It's saturday, 6 AM. Getting out of my well camoflauged sleeping bag, I step to the window, peering in. In the bed, piled high with pillows, NetPet plushies, and blankets, <i>she</i> lies. Sleeping peacefully, the image of perfection I've been looking for. 

I sit at the glass, wiping away the frost and steam from my breath as I sketch her, those markings, the shape of her face, her hair, everything I can see. Oh, the snow doesn't bother me. Not for the whole three hours I stay by her side. I sketch every aspect of her that I see, and as she sleeps, I get a good, solid view until she shifts on her side or rolls over. At 9:15, she rolled too far and fell out of bed! Oh, but that lovely night shirt she wears would look great on page 15... 

She seemed too panicked to notice me as she was looking at the clock and running around her room waving her arms, then was out the door before I could notice. I sneak over to the next window and see some others... one purple cat and one white one... I assume the white one was her brother because of his fur color... I have no clue who the girl with purple fur is, though... or why she's wearing a bath robe... Anyway, they're eating breakfast as the girl I watch enters. Jeans and a pink sweater look real cute on her too... Especially with that little santa hat! Before I could notice anything about the home, she's already off, catching a slice of toast jumping from the toaster and muttering something I couldn't hear. 

I follow her down the street, keeping my distance to see where she's headed... At the bus stop, she waited for the #12 bus... when she got on, I ran up and quickly put my fare in. I sat a bit far from her, a sketchbook ready while she looked out the window. Once I turned around to finish up some details, she got up and headed for the exit... I decided that was when to get off too, but took the other door. 

We were at the mall... I followed her still, trying to avoid getting distracted by Electronics Land and the other wonderul stores I've seen. I keep an eye on her through the glass when she goes into one clothing store... I'd look like a fool if I had entered myself and alone. She left that store after a while, but I'd gotten board and lost sight of her... so I went to the arcade. To some strange coincedence, Taimoor was there, so I played a couple of rounds of Marble Vs. Capsule 2... He's real good at that game. Anyway, when we finished, he complained about having to go to tutoring... so I left... but couldn't find that girl through the whole mall! 

It was about 12:25, so I stopped by the food court and picked up a slice of pizza. Just as my eyes wander, I see the girl sitting at a table not too far away! She has a bag with whatever she bought from the clothing store... but she was showing some pictures from "Click, you're on film!" photography with a girl with glasses and a girl with blue hair... Before anything else, I pick up a pack of gum and watch the girl as she leaves. I follow cautiously and follow her to Ya Ta! Comics. I stand at the window for a moment, then step inside, casually looking through some of my favorite artists' comics. After seeing there's nothing new, I walk up to the counter and look at her face... Holding her near just lets me get a sense of artistic skill that flows throuh me. It makes me feel as though I can draw anything, and that I can make it look perfect! But then she pulled away... I decided it was best to leave then, so I headed down the street on the way home. 

I passed Taimoor's house, but nobody was outside. I continued walking until I got back to that girl's house, looking at my snow-covered camp... "It's still early," I thought, so I think about what to do... Curious, I walk up to the door and knock on it... The purple cat from this morning answers, looking at me and asking "Oh, are you here to check the VCR? Come on in." then pulled me in, where the other cat from this morning was. He was sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, a blanket sprawled on the floor by his feet... 

Looking around the room, I see numerous pictures of the girl and quickly pick up my sketchbook. "Wow, she was cute as a little kid," I thought as I pulled out my pencil. Suddenly, the purple cat pulled me over to a TV with that fuzzy snow stuff on it, pointing to a VCR with some green goo on it. All I could say was "What happened to this thing?" and she just said "BoB." That left me confused, but I took a look at it... and cleaned off the goo... That wasn't very pleasant... But when I finished, I unjammed the eject button and told them that was the problem. It felt like forever, but my watch said 5:00... 

The purple cat offered for me to stay and watch the movie if I was alright with sitting on the floor. It was a short silent film, and the director's name looked french... except for the fact that it said "Steffan DeFakename..." Once it was over, the girl and the brother watched some episodes of Terrence & Izzy... I thought I'd outgrown that show... so I thanked them for the popcorn and headed for the door. Once I opened it, the girl whom I had been searching for was just lifting her key. 

She looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes... something in my mind wanted me to say "Puce" but that didn't feel right... and as she gazed up at me... I held her face once again... I felt inspired... I felt dazed... I felt cold? Next thing I knew, the door slammed on my face and I was outside... "Oh well," I thought, as I headed for my camp. "There's always tomorrow."