Namir Deiter
The Flip Side: Ducky's Return
Written by FrostDemn

     Yesterday was just a regular day that day... Boring... Dull... The same thing that would happen on any other day... This was Mallory Duck's day. Just the regular wake up in the morning, go to school, study all day, return home, study until it's late, then go to bed sort of day. Something just didn't feel right about that day... Mallory felt as though a change was about to happen. Something much more severe than swapping meat loaf for spaghetti at the cafeteria. This was going to be a major change that couldn't be explained. Perhaps a dream went through her mind the night before... Or perhaps something else convinced her it would be different... But here is where the story truly begins.

     It's Thursday morning now. Mallory sat up in bed and looked at the buzzing alarm clock. "6:45... Too early..." so she slapped the snooze button and went back to sleep... and did this every five minutes until 7:55. She hadn't slept in until she was late since before the talk show... Finally awake, Mallory got out of bed and got ready for the morning. Ooogh, but she was soooo tired... she looked in her closet and pulled out a very old set of clothes... A pair of jeans and a denim jacket to go with a white T-shirt... Her glasses didn't go well with this ensemble either, so she put on her contact lenses. Still, though... something wasn't quite right... She shuffled around her room for a bit, then picked up a key. Inside her closet was a small box. It was dusty, but marked "Only for when...!" The key clicked, and the lid of the box was lifted. Inside was a lavender wig... The exact same color as her hair was before her big change. Everything felt different all of a sudden. Even carrying a book bag didn't quite feel well any more. 

     Mallory then picked up an old purse and stuffed in some stuff, then headed to school. It was already 8:14, and she already missed the bus. Even though she did, the weather seemed unusually pleasant that day, and walking felt good too. She ended up 4 minutes late for her first class, and 8 minutes late for her second! Everything seemed different... She had spent the day flicking wads of paper at the teacher or throwing erasers and pocket dictionaries around the room. Everything seemed different until the bell for lunch rang.

     Mallory walked to the cafeteria... they were selling yesterday's meat loaf (though it was actually last month's meat loaf...) and Tipper was just getting out of line. For a moment, they locked eyes with each other... and Tipper dropped her lunch tray, walking off in a confused way. Mallory picked up a nice big bowl of jello and a carton of Florida Orange Juice. After finishing, she walked over to the computer lab. There was smoke coming out of the windows and students were running out in a panic. Joy walked out, pinching the side of BoB's head (due to his lack of physical ears), saying "How many times have I told you, BoB? Never put your hand over the cooling fan too long!!" Mallory looked at them, then eyed BoB in a silent, soul piercing way. BoB must have heard "Run, BoB! Run!" in his mind or something, but he wasn't even in her sight for three seconds. Snickers walked up and took his place... then pointed at Mallory. Stuttering and shaking, all she could say was "Du... du... du... du... Daaaaa---" and then fainted. 

     Mallory started walking home... and the streets seemed very empty that day... Bushes rustled once in a while, and a tree did once... and it was actually very obvious that every person in the area was hiding from Mallory because of her 'new' look. One guy was even crying... Once she got home, Mallory grabbed a quick snack, then sat at her desk... It was dry... bland... it didn't even feel comfortable! Instead, she plopped down on her bed and napped for a couple of hours. By the time she had woken up, it was about 5:30. She walked out again and headed over to Blue's house.

     Blue was standing outside kicking a beanbag ball up and down. It had a picture of Tipper on it for some reason. Blue continued kicking the beanbag as Mallory came up and just said "Hey, Ducky. Long time no see." A few moments of silence followed... and then a loud splashy noise. Mallory looked up at Blue... and she was soaked. Blue stood there, furiously repressing anger, then screamed at the top of her lungs, "TIPPERRRRRR!!!!!!!" Just at that moment, Tipper hopped down from a tree, then ran away, snickering loudly as Blue chased after her. A scrap of a yellow balloon on the floor had the word "REVENGE" scribbled in permanent marker. Mallory looked around the town one last time... and the sun was starting to set. She turned around and went home, closing the door to her room. "That's enough excitement for one day..." she thought, removing the wig and setting it in the box. "I'll have to do this again next month." As the key went click in the lock, sealing away Ducky for another 31 days.