Case Closed/Namir Deiter Crossover

Note: VO = “voice over”

*Opening Scenes *

Jimmy Kudo VO: I’m Jimmy Kudo, High School Detective. But to the world, I am Conan Edogawa, an alias I was forced to assume after an experimental drug reverted me back to childhood. Now with Detective Moore and his daughter Rachel, I fight crime, armed with the knowledge that one truth prevails!

*theme song *

*title appears. Conan voice reads it. *

Conan (voice): Today’s case—“The Namir Deiter Mystery”

*Conan, Detective Moore, and Rachel are at Mt. Morhibiki. They reach the house that they were invited to. *

Rachel: Well, this is the place.

Detective Moore: I think it’s rather strange they all meet at this place. I mean, it seems odd a place for a party.

Conan: Maybe the ones responsible for the party want it out of the way for a really special occasion.

Detective Moore: Yeah, I guess so.

*Tipper, Snickers, and Twix come out. Their names appear on the screen. *

Tipper: You must be the guests we invited.

Twix: Actually that’s some of them. We invited others to come.

Snickers: I think we also invited someone named Harley Hartwell to come as well.

Jimmy VO: Harley’s coming over too?

Conan: Wow! It’s great to meet an old friend, huh Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah!

Tipper: Come on in! Our other friends are waiting for you.

*The other main Namir Deiter cast is in there. As each appears for the first time, each character’s name appears on the screen. *

Joy: Oh, how adorable! *rubs Conan’s head *

Rachel: Hi! I’m Rachel Moore. This is Conan Edogawa.

Joy: I’m Joy Satu.

*Blue Deiter, Gabby Ramos, and Jennifer “Falco” Annestin also show up. As before, their names show up on the screen. *

Falco: Aw, he’s so adorable!

Conan: Ha ha! Thanks!

Gabby: Hey, are you Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah. Rachel Moore.

Gabby: Cool! Even our hometown of Mt. Morhibiki knows of your dad—famous detective Richard Moore!

Rachel: Yeah, I guess so! And I’m glad Conan has the opportunity to make new friends.

Blue: I’m glad your friend Conan is here too!

Gabby: My mom should be here any moment.

*Harley soon comes in. *

Harley: Hi! Glad to come here!

Rachel: Hi, Harley.

Harley: Great to be at this party.

*soon, some other guests arrive. One is Gabby’s mother, Mrs. Ramos [her name appears]. Also, there’s a tiger morph named Niko Tigreioz [his name appears]. Scott Dorpe, cousin of BoB [name appears], comes in from another room. *

Scott: Great to see a lot of you came! I planned this party to celebrate the anniversary of Mt. Morhibiki’s foundation as a community. I even invited a special guest, the famous detective Richard Moore, to be here.

Blue: Wow! A famous detective!

Detective Moore: Well… yeah, I guess that’s true.

Jimmy VO: Yep, still in his embarrassing moments of grandeur.

Scott: Well, since this is meant to be a great celebration, let’s get this party underway!

Blue: I’ll show Detective Moore to the beer.

Jimmy VO: Oh, great… more embarrassment.

*It’s sunset at the time. Scott leaves the living room, going in one direction. But Niko leaves as well. He also closes the curtains on the window near the door as he leaves—in the opposite direction. Everyone is enjoying the party for a while. *

Rachel: You know, I kind of wish my love was here to enjoy this.

Joy: Your love?

Rachel: Yeah, he’s handsome, loves mystery…

Harley: She’s referring to Jimmy Kudo.

Rachel: Yes. I miss him.

*Conan looks at Rachel with a sad smile. *

Jimmy VO: I miss being with you too, Rachel.

*Niko comes back in. *

Niko: Hey, everyone! Just checking up on you. I was washing myself in the bathroom. They have a nice shower here.

Joy: Yeah, I guess hygiene is important to keep even party-goers healthy.

Gabby: Yeah, um, shouldn’t Scott be giving out refreshments right now?

Niko: I’ll go check on him.

*Niko goes out of the living room to the direction Scott went. A few seconds later, everyone hears Niko scream. *

Detective Moore: Stay sharp!

*The others race down the hall. We soon see Niko standing near the door in horror. *

Conan: What is it? *gasp *

*Soon, everyone arrives to see a horrible sight—Scott’s body shriveled up due to exposure to salt! *

Jimmy VO: The body got salted! I hear that’s a painful death to slugs. Could it be suicide?

*Conan walks up to the body and sees two puncture wounds on the back of the neck. *

Jimmy VO: No, this wasn’t suicide. He was murdered!

Mama Dorpe: Oh no! Scott is dead! How could this have happened?

*Conan goes to Harley and whispers to him. *

Conan (whispering): This is a murder! I saw two puncture wounds on the back of the neck!

Harley: Conan and I know why! This reeks of murder! Take a look at the wounds on the body! The killer must’ve used a pronged instrument to kill Scott, and then salted his body to make it look like a suicide!

*Some of the other characters walk up and take a look. Snickers almost faints, but Twix was there to support her. *

Snickers: I can’t believe it! Who would do something so wicked?

Harley: I don’t know, but my guess is the killer plans to strike again!

*Everyone else gasps *

Detective Moore: Right! We’d better keep our eyes peeled for any suspicious activity.

*The people return to the living room. Conan and Harley notice a ring on Niko’s finger. *

Jimmy VO: That ring! When Scott was alive, Scott had a ring similar to the one on Niko. But after he was killed, Scott’s ring was nowhere on the body. I wonder…

*Mrs. Ramos lights some candles in the room with her matches. *

Mrs. Ramos: *sigh * Maybe Scott is meeting my late husband right now.

Niko: I’m sure he is, Mrs. Ramos. *hugs Mrs. Ramos *

*Mrs. Ramos notices the ring on Niko, and something else *

*At morning the next day, everyone else gathers around *

Snickers: A day has gone by, and the killer has not yet been found.

Gabby: We must find the killer or one of us could be next!

*Mrs. Ramos started to giggle a bit. *

Twix: Has your mom lost it, Gabby?

Gabby: Mom, what’s so funny?

Mrs. Ramos: I know who the killer is. I’m giving him twenty minutes to reveal himself, and then I’ll reveal him if he doesn’t.

*Mrs. Ramos leaves the room. Niko accompanies her. After twenty minutes, Mrs. Ramos and Niko come out. *

Mrs. Ramos: Niko and I, um, met the killer. He said he’ll meet me at my house to discuss terms of surrender.

Tipper: Great, we can finally put an end to this.

Conan: Yeah… I guess that is good news.

Jimmy VO: This seems like déjà vu. It reminds me of something that happened when my friends and I went to a mystery weekend at Mycroft.

*Night falls that day. Niko comes back into the house. *

Niko: Hi. I just came back from a walk. I’ll go downstairs for a breather.

Conan: Hey, I saw a neat ribbon with your stuff.

Niko: Yeah. I won second place at an axe-throwing contest during a Canadian lumberjack festival.

*Niko goes to the basement. *

Tipper: I hope he stays alert so the killer doesn’t get him too.

Detective Moore: Don’t sweat it! With us together, no one will harm us!

*a flash of light and some smoke is seen from town. *

Twix: What was that?!

*everyone except Niko was at the scene. *

Gabby: NO! That’s my mom’s house!

*Gabby goes up, but Detective Moore stops her! *

Detective Moore: Don’t do it! It’s too hot! You’ll burn alive!

Rachel: I’ll call the Fire Department!

*Some firefighters put out the blaze. Once it was safe, Gabby and Detective Moore go in first. Conan and Harley also go in. *

Rachel: Conan, what are you doing?

Conan: I want to see if I could find clues to what may have caused the fire.

*Conan looks and finds something. *

Jimmy VO: Hey, those are—

*Gabby soon screamed. *

Jimmy VO: Uh-oh. If it’s what I think it means…

*Soon, Moore and Gabby came out, and Gabby looks very solemn. *

Detective Moore: The body in the house is identified as Gabby’s mom.

Tipper: Oh, no! Now two are dead! How could this have happened?!

*Conan runs up *

Conan: Check out what I found!

*Detective Moore follows Conan to some remains of gas tanks. *

Detective Moore: Those look like the remains of gas tanks, like those usually found in gas grills.

*Harley also comes up. *

Harley: I also found something. All the circuit breaker switches in the house were switched off! Normally when a circuit breaker connection blows, the switch pops in the middle position, so it can be reset. And normally a person turns off a circuit breaker switch when doing electrical work. I’d say the killer was copying a murder from our Mycroft visit, and adjusted it for this case.

Detective Moore: Come on; let’s get back to the house.

*Detective Moore walks with Gabby, who is weeping. Everyone else walks back. Conan is with Rachel and Detective Moore. One of the guests, Father Namir is also with the family, who is trying to comfort Gabby in some way. *

Gabby: *sob * First my father… now my mother…

Twix: Don’t worry… we’ll find the murderer soon.

Snickers: Yeah. Detective Moore will solve the case.

*Harley talks with Tipper a bit. *

Tipper: Um, Harley, you and Rachel mentioned Jimmy Kudo.

Harley: Well, let’s get from the rest and I’ll privately let you in on a little secret…

*Harley whispers to Tipper a bit. Soon, Niko walks back up to the room. *

Niko: Hey, what happened?

Rachel: The killer struck again! Now it’s Mrs. Ramos who was murdered!

Niko: Oh, man! That isn’t good!

*Soon, the lights in the living room go out *

Detective Moore: I think a fuse blew! I have a flashlight! I’ll go check!

*BoB Dorpe gets out a lantern. *

BoB: I’ll stay close so no one gets scared!

*through the dimness, Harley and Conan see the shine of a hand ax. *

*Harley gasps *

Jimmy VO: A hand ax?!

*Harley and Conan tackle BoB down, as the hand ax, thrown, barely misses BoB and hits the wall! The door is soon flung open. The lights turn back on and Detective Moore comes back in. *

Detective Moore: What happened up here?!

Harley: The killer tried to kill BoB, but we got him safe!

Tipper: The door is open! The killer must’ve gotten out!

Harley: I doubt it! I didn’t hear footsteps in the halls! It must be some sort of trick! The killer is still here!

*Everyone except Harley, Conan, and Detective Moore are frightened. Tipper and Snickers hide behind Twix. *

Snickers: Y-you’ll protect us, right?

Joy: Where’s Dr. Fitzgerald when I need him?

Blue: Someone… please protect me too! I’m too young to die!

*Detective Moore gets out what looks like a fuse with some extra gadgets on it. *

Detective Moore: I found this thing with the fuse box.

*Niko looks at it. *

Niko: I’ve heard of those. That’s a fake fuse! It’s the latest in war tactics. During a shut down time in an enemy base, a spy could slip a fake fuse into the fuse box, so that it could be blown via remote control.

Detective Moore: Then that means the killer must be skilled in electronics to make one of these, or at least be well versed with war tactics… or maybe even stole one somewhere.

Conan (to Harley): Harley, on our way to the living room, I found this news article. *shows Harley the article. The headline reads: “Dorpe Family Wins Land Debate” *

Harley (whispering): Yeah, Kudo. This could be the motive of the killer. I also noticed the hallway back there makes a complete circle. A killer could’ve pretended to go one way, and then go another. I also visited the kitchen again and saw one of the cleaners had gelled. Earlier today I asked Mrs. Dorpe about her cleaners and she told me—

Mrs. Dorpe (in flashback): I have to be careful with these cleaners. Some of them have ingredients that can be potentially fatal to us slugs, so I have to wear gloves to protect myself.

Conan: A gelled cleaner… you think that--?

Harley: Yes. We have the motive and the means. Now to find the culprit and the evidence!

Conan: I noticed a ring on Niko’s finger similar to Scott’s. Let me get a closer look.

*as Conan goes up to Niko (who doesn’t notice Conan), some were talking *

Blue: I think Father Namir could be a suspect… maybe to spite Snickers and Tipper off!

Twix: Nah, if he did it, he’d probably get caught almost immediately!

*Conan looks at the ring again and notices the slug slime on the ring. Conan now has all the pieces together. *

Jimmy VO: Hah! I knew it! I knew he had to be connected somehow! Now to prepare to solve the case!

*He goes back to Harley. *

Conan (whispering to Harley): Yep, Niko is our man. Tell you what… just sit down near the hall entrance and just pretend I knocked you out! Besides, it spares me the trouble of knocking out Moore!

Harley (whispering): Got it, Kudo.

*Harley sits near the hall entrance, pretending to be passed out (which usually is the case when Conan knocks out Detective Moore with his tranquilizer darts). Conan gets the tie ready! *

Detective Moore: Well, Mr. Namir could still be a possible suspect, if he were clever enough.

Fake Harley Voice: Time to wrap up this case!

Detective Moore: Eh?

Fake Harley Voice: I guess there weren’t enough leads for you this time to help you. But don’t worry; I know who the culprit is!

Tipper: You do?

Fake Harley Voice: That’s right, the culprit is… *Conan helps Harley point * him! Niko Tigreioz did it! He’s the murderer!

*everyone else looks at Niko *

Niko: What are you talking about?

Detective Moore: Get serious, Harley, he was in the bathroom when Scott Dorpe was murdered. How could he have killed Scott?

Fake Harley Voice: It doesn’t seem like it was possible, is it? But here’s how. First of all, the hall back here makes a complete circle. So Niko could pretend to be going to the bathroom to shower. But he then went around to the kitchen to commit his murder. The wounds indicate that he used the meat fork to stab Scott.

Detective Moore: Yeah, right! A meat fork would merely knock him out! Even then, the pain from salting could cause him to scream!

Fake Harley Voice: But what if the fork were coated with a poison?

*Detective Moore has a curious look *

Fake Harley Voice: With just the right chemical, any tool, even a meat fork, could be used as a deadly weapon. Mrs. Dorpe, you said you needed to wear gloves because some of the cleaners contained chemicals potentially fatal to slugs.

Mrs. Dorpe: That’s right, Harley.

Fake Harley Voice: Well, one of them was starting to gel, because it had not been used in a long time. Niko somehow knew of this too! He used the meat fork since it was narrow enough to fit in the bottle. Once he coated the fork, Niko stabbed Scott with the fork. The poison was fast acting enough to kill Scott almost instantly. Niko may have also used a paper towel to muffle any possible screams. Once Niko was sure Scott was dead, he then salted the body to make it look like a suicide. He went back to the bathroom to dampen some of the towels so everyone would think he had a shower. Then after checking up on all of us, he then went the other way to go to the kitchen and make with his theatrics.

Tipper: But anyone would’ve seen him by… looking out the window…

Snickers: That’s why he closed the curtains! So no one would see him! That would give him a perfect alibi by preventing anyone from witnessing the murder!

Twix: What a plan! Hiding the murder by blocking the view!

Niko: *chuckle * I like the theory, but I was in the basement when Mrs. Ramos was burned to death! I couldn’t have set the fire if I wasn’t near the house at the time!

Fake Harley Voice: Actually it was quite simple! By imitating a similar burning at Mycroft! All you had to do was convince Mrs. Ramos to go back to her house, and then get there and leave before she did!

Detective Moore: He imitated the Mycroft scenario? How was that possible?

Fake Harley Voice: Remember what Conan and I found earlier? Gas tanks were placed somewhere, and all the circuit breaker switches were off. Niko opened up the gas tanks and shut off the circuit breaker switches at sunset before hand, and snuck out. Either the gas was odorless, or other smells masked the odor of the gas. Gabby, put yourself in your mother’s position. You get home, and none of the lights turn on. And because it is night time, the house is dark. To make things more difficult, either you forget where your flashlights were, or someone moved them from where you usually stored them. What would you do?

Gabby: Well, if I was in that scenario, I would use—Oh my God! Now I get it! She did the same thing I’d do in that predicament! She used a match hoping to find a candle to light!

*scene of Gabby’s mom lighting a match, followed by the ensuing fire *

Detective Moore: Just like Miss Sands death in Mycroft. It was Mrs. Ramos’ own matches that sparked the fire and killed her!

Blue: You’re kidding! What a terrible way to die!

Rachel: But why kill someone he was comforting earlier?

Fake Harley Voice: Because she was going to expose him. Just because someone showed kindness to her doesn’t mean she was going to let someone get away with murder!

Snickers: Even when he planned to kill her, she still trusted him.

Fake Harley Voice: You weren’t in the basement to take a nap, Niko. You already knew that Mrs. Ramos would soon die. You were most likely rigging the fake fuse, since you seem to know a lot about fake fuses. And you also told Conan you won second place at an axe throwing contest. Most throwing axes are at a relatively medium size. A small hand ax would offer no problem. You’re the only one who could’ve committed all three crimes, Niko! Not only did you murder Scott Dorpe, you also tried to kill BoB Dorpe, and you murdered Gabby’s mother!

Niko: I have two words for you—physical evidence! That you do not have! The weapons could’ve been wiped clean of fingerprints. What would you have then?

Fake Harley Voice: We’re not completely devoid of evidence. Mrs. Ramos saw something that proves you’re the murderer. It’s on your very person!

Niko: I don’t give a crap what Mrs. Ramos saw! She’s not alive to tell about it now, is she?

Fake Harley Voice: Everyone, take a look at the ring on Niko’s finger. Doesn’t it look suspiciously like the ring Scott Dorpe had?

*Tipper takes a closer look. *

Tipper: *gasp * That’s slug slime!

*Everyone has a shocked look, except Harley and Conan. *

Fake Harley Voice: That’s right! Sometimes murderers like to take personal items from their victims as trophies. Though he washed his hands from attacking Scott, he forgot to wipe off the remaining slime on the ring. Mrs. Ramos noticed the ring and the slime on Niko when he went to comfort her. Isn’t that right, Niko Tigreioz?

*Niko falls to the ground. Mrs. Dorpe comes up to Niko. *

Mrs. Dorpe: I don’t understand. Why would you do something so despicable?

Fake Harley Voice: If I were to take a guess, family history has something to do with this.

Everyone else: Family history?!

Fake Harley Voice: Conan, would you present the news article we found?

*Conan comes out. *

Conan: Sure! Here you go!

*Conan gives Snickers the news article, then goes back to the hall behind Harley. *

Snickers: It says, “Dorpe Family Wins Land Debate.”

Fake Harley Voice: Apparently some decades ago, there was a land dispute between the Dorpe Family and the Tigreioz Family, and the Dorpe Family won it. Selling the land off to make a nearby landfill a few years later must’ve added insult to injury!

Mrs. Dorpe: I get it. The Tigreioz Family held the land dear to them. Must’ve been some family significance.

Niko: Yes! Taking away the land and selling it off for degrading use was a disgrace to my family! *starts to break down * I had to avenge my family’s honor! And I figured that to do so, I had to sever the Dorpe bloodline! *cries *

*Harley soon gets up. *

Snickers: Thanks for helping us solve the case.

Harley: Oh, you’re welcome!

*everyone else, except Harley and Tipper, leave the room. Conan comes in. *

Tipper: Hey, Conan…

Conan: Yeah, Tipper?

Tipper: Conan… Harley told me of your secret… that you’re Jimmy Kudo.

*Conan looks scared. *

Tipper: Don’t worry, the secret is safe.

Conan: Th… thanks Tipper.

Jimmy VO: I guess I need others to keep my secret as well. Good to have other friends in other places, I guess.

*end theme and credits *

*morning the day after. Detective Moore, Rachel, Harley, and Conan visit Twix and Snickers’ house. Before going to breakfast, Tipper was talking with Conan. *

Tipper: So, from what I heard, the drug was intended to kill you, but instead it turned you into a kid.

Conan: Yes, that’s right.

Tipper: Well, I think it’s cool having a kid detective.

Conan: Hopefully my friends and I can find the cure to the drug so I can get back to my right age. Then I can be with Rachel again.

Snickers (off-scene): Breakfast!

Tipper: Come on! Let’s go eat!

Jimmy VO: I guess we could use a nice breakfast after all that suspense! Even Moore needs to keep his energy up!