Blue ran away from home from her "egg donor" mother when she was ten and headed off to find her sister (who had long ago ran away from home too).  A woman met Blue at a local restaurant took her home and eventually became her legal guardian. Blue assumed her to be her long lost sister, Roxanne.  Fortunately for her, she was right.

Roxanne has tried her best to do what she can for her sister/daughter, but she was in financial trouble even before she met Blue, and sadly the situation hasn't changed too much. Roxanne has aged horribly.

Blue's mother has had to leave her to fend for herself more nights than she cares to admit, but Blue doesn't seem to mind.  They have a very open relationship, very much unlike most mother - daughter relationships. She is the cousin of Mallory's mother.

During her baby shower it was revealed that Roxanne was abused by one of her mother's rotating boyfriends.  She has been trying hard to deal with the issues this causes with her husband (and the father of her baby, Dimitri).

Roxanne had her baby girl, Daisy, on June 19th 2005.  Her sister Blue was back at home helping with the house and baby, but now that her husband Dimitri has moved in with her, Blue was free to live her life as she chooses (which involved more men and beer).

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Character's Page

Full Name: Roxanne Deiter-Huss
Relationship Status: Married
Nicknames: None
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair: Light Brown
Fur: Light Yellow (Spring)/
White (Winter)
Birthday: March 4th 1976
Age: 42

Dimitri Huss (husband)
Daisy Samantha Deiter-Huss (daughter)
Blue Deiter (sister)
Mallory's Mom (cousin) 
Mallory Duck (cousin once removed)
Isaac Telford (brother)
Chrysanthemum Deiter (mother)


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