Mallory's parents first tried to make her "Ducky" persona go away by sending her to boot camp, but it wasn't until Blue Deiter (her cousin once removed) sent her to boot camp for the second time on the Jenny Jub show that she gave up on her wild-haired side.

At least, for a while.

Recently it was revealed that Mallory has a bizarre crush on BoB Dorpe, but BoB was rather upset at Mallory. BoB just wanted to see his old friend Mallory (he was too dense to realize that the the two are the same person). Thus, Mallory gave herself a quick make-over and is back to her old self... at least on the outside.

Ducky is Mallory Duck's "other self", so the speak, but she really isn't too much different than Mallory. The only real difference is her hair color and colored contact lenses.

Character's Page

Full Name: Ducky, AKA "Mallory Duck"
Relationship Status: Single/ High School Student/ 
Nicknames: None
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair: Dark Brown
Fur: Tan
Birthday: May 12th 1985
Age: 35

Blue Deiter (cousin once removed)
Roxanne Deiter  (cousin once removed)
Ducky's Mom (Mother)
Daisy Huss (cousin twice removed)

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