Gabby met up with Tipper on the first day of high school and the two became fast friends (if only due to their shared disdain for Cedric). Cedric saw Gabby as an artistic rival, as well as a rival for Tipper's time. Gabby felt this was all in Cedric's head.

Gabby has a strong will and a blunt attitude. She says things the way she sees them, even if it's not the polite thing to do in a situation.

Gabby is a talented artist that knows her stuff, at least, more so than Cedric.

Gabby seems to have a good relationship with her extended family (despite the annual drunken holiday fights) .  She babysits a lot for her Tia Lupé. 

After graduating from high school in 2005, Gabby applied for (and got into) the local art college.  She then moved into a three-bedroom apartment with her friends Cedric and Falco

During this time, Gabby's attitude changed, she became reclusive and moody toward her friends; she was trying to get over her feelings for her friend Tipper.  Unfortunately, before she could do this, her other friend Falco told Tipper that Gabby was interested in her.

Gabby still lives in the apartment that she shared with Falco and Cedric, only now she is sharing it with Tipper and Charles.  She once went out with Jacinda, a girl from her art school, but the relationship ended rather badly. Their relationship was always an open one, but after a while Gabby wanted something more permanent with her. Unfortunately Jacinda did not wish for the same and eventually the two ended things. The entire experience left Gabby a mess for a while and her confidence in herself greatly shaken.

Gabby's childhood friend Joan has recently come back into her life and the two are once again close friends.

Gabby graduated from art school in 2008 and is still looking for a job that isn't just barely above minimum wage. She recently started taking classes again, hoping a better degree will help improve her odds.

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Full Name: Gabrielle Ramos
Relationship Status: unknown/ College Student 

Nicknames: Gabby, Gigi
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Dark Blonde
Fur: Gray with white muzzle
Birthday: March 3rd 1986
Age: 31

Mrs. Ramos (Mother)
Tia Lupe (Aunt)
Charles O' Donnell (cousin)

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