Dahlia was Taimoor's mystery girlfriend; nobody else had met her for half a year after they began dating.  The two have been friends since as long as they can remember (their parents have known each other long before the two were even born).  But, due to an argument over Taimoor not visiting Dahlia enough, the two families parted ways leaving the young couple not only in trouble, but without a ride to see the other. 

Dahlia has an unknown affliction and has been a weak person ever since she was young.  Her father is in denial of his daughter's physical problems and blames everything else around her for their cause.

Dahlia is also color-blind and has been so all her life.

She was once home schooled; but after seeing how much his daughter would endure to be with Taimoor, her father decided she could move to their Sherup estate (just a hop away from Mt. Morhibiki High School) and go to school with Taimoor.

By the end of the school year the two decided to move away in order to leave the emotional baggage of the pseudo relationship Tipper and Taimoor had.  Dahlia and Taimoor also announced their engagement.

Currently Dahlia has completely removed herself from the regular cast and sees no reason to ever rejoin them.

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Full Name: Dahlia
Relationship Status: Engaged/home schooled
Nicknames: None
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair: Dark brown
Fur: Brown with black patches
Birthday: February 5th 1988
Age: 29

Her Father

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