BoB Dorpe is a slug that met Joy and Mallory during a computer class.  BoB isn't very good with computers, he can blow most up just by touching them. Many expensive experiments were tried until they found a computer that could tolerate the big lug, the E-Mac machines. Since then all of his friends have switched over E-Macs, just in case he comes over for a visit. 

Another thing of note about BoB is that he's not the brightest flea in the circus. He has a tendency to not say things in a correct or proper manner, or to not quite understand all the consequences to his actions.  But deep down, he's a nice guy- if you can tolerate him long enough to see it.

He was once the boyfriend of Joy Satu, one of the few women with patience enough to like him, unfortunately a bad choice of words and actions from both Joy and BoB alike split the two apart. BoB just got back from a world tour (sponsored by the Dorpe clan) where he tried to find himself and his place in the world.

BoB is actually normal size for those of the slug species.  He worries about his friends and tries to feed them ham, his favorite meal.

BoB was once engaged to Mallory Duck, but at the last minute decided he was better off living the life of a single slug.

He's currently obsessed with a certain angry blonde puppy girl, but  all he knows about her is that she's one of Tipper's friends (he just doesn't know which one).

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Full Name: BoB Dorpe
Relationship Status: Single/College Student/Traveler 
Nicknames: None
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair: Dark Brown
Fur: Slime/ Green
Birthday: February 1st 1984
Age: 33

Twix Dorpe-Namir (cousin)
Maggie Dorpe (Mother)


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