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Welcome to Nicole and Derek! Updating Monday through Friday this week!
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May 25th, 2015 - [3623]Group Project (1 of ??)
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News last updated 05.04.2015

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Last update: May 18 2015

3:28am 25 May

22:45pm 19 May

19:57pm 19 May
ND Unlimited News

05.04.2015 - Isabel Marks:
You know, it's been a while, so what the hey, here's a news update. Welcome to May, everyone. Hope you're having a good one...

First off, I've been sporadically placing late WIP images of ND over on my Instagram account, please check it out... as long as dolls and Furbys don't freak you out. If they DO freak you out, I usually link to the comic-related posts over on my Twitter as well. So give both or either accounts a follow if you would.

Also, we put up a little (but kind of long) image up over on that links to Nicole and Derek's official site, where one day you'll be able to find cool stuff, like... a character's page... and... linking... buttons? I don't know, but hopefully I'll come up with more things than just that. Either way, I would love it if you all came by and visited the new site. We're still working on the site design, but those have always been "forever works in progress" with me, so we'll see just where it goes.

So... thank you to everyone who stuck it through the hiatus during the comic's changing of the guard! We're almost at a month now with the comic, hooray!


04.13.2015 - Terrence Marks:
Here we are, day one of Nicole and Derek. We'll be updating five days a week, at both Namir Deiter and Nicole and Derek. We're excited about it and we hope you are too! We've got a whole lot more coming your way than just kids waking up.

What will the new ND's regular schedule be? That depends. We'll see how this goes and take it from there.

Also, we want to thank everybody who expressed their condolences about Isabel's grandmother. We really appreciate it.


03.25.2015 - Terrence Marks:
We hope you're enjoying the sketches!

We were hoping to have the sequel (Nicole and Derek) start on Monday. Instead, you're going to get an entirely unrelated series for a week or two while we ramp up. We're pushing it back because Isabel's grandmother is dying and it's not a good time for us to start this project. So there will still be comics on Monday. Just different from the ones we pitched you last time. We still have some major decisions to make about Nicole and Derek, and Isabel isn't feeling up for making them right now.


03.09.2015 - Terrence Marks:
So, what's happening in Namir Deiter?

The comic isn't ending. It's undergoing metaphorphosis. What you're seeing now is the coccoon. Or, less metaphorically, the epilogue.

Namir Deiter, as you know it, has a few weeks left. After that, a new ND will be starting. We know this is sudden, but this is something that had to be done quickly. That's why the comic skipped forward about eight months.

What can we tell you about the sequel? The comic will move forward a generation. Isabel and I will be writing it together. Most of the old cast will be showing up, as will a certain rabbit and hedgehog. We intend for the new comic to stand on its own.

One of the reasons for this change is that we've got over 3500 comics, over fifteen years. They'll all still be up after the change; Namir Deiter isn't going away. But that's an intimidatingly large number.

So, we've got something new coming your way. We're excited and a little scared. We hope that you like it


02.15.2015 - Terrence Marks:
As you may have seen, Isabel's been having computer issues. It was turning off after a minute or two. This makes it hard to work on comics. Turned out that her heatsink bracket broke. This is the second time this has happened to us, albeit on a differnet computer.

The big difference is that this time, Fry's doesn't carry heatsink brackets. Our options were:
Find a place that sells the part.
Find a heatsink that includes the part.
Order the part online.
Use the laptop instead.
Get a new motherboard.

So the first two didn't pan out, despite having Newegg and Monoprice warehouses locally. I spent three days trying to find it, which is why there was such a delay. And our options were to either pay for rush shipping or wait 2-4 weeks for the piece, and I won't pay more to ship an item than to buy it, as a matter of principle; it would've been $20 or $30 to express ship the $4 part.
And unfortunately, the laptop's color profile is just different enough to make it unsuitable for coloring comics. And it hurts her eyes if she uses it for long periods of time.

So Isabel got a computer upgrade. We're back to operational. Sorry about the delays. Hope you had a happy weekend!

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