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9/3- Nicole and Derek updated with a B&W comic... hope to color it later.
Update schedule for the month of September has changed! Please see the news below!

Last update: Sep 3 2015
Follow the adventures of Tipper's son, Derek O'Donnell, and the next generation of characters.
Usually updates Monday through Friday.

Last update: Sep 4 2015
Follow the new adventures of an entirely different Tipper Namir as the goes to ND University.
Usually updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Last update: Aug 3 2015
Tipper doesn't show up here at all. Random comics. Random characters.
Usually updates Mondays.

Or you can read Namir Deiter, the original.
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News last updated 08.31.2015

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ND Unlimited News

08.31.2015 - Isabel Marks:
Hey everyone, happy it's-still-too-dang-hot-out.

The short of it all is this: the comics are having an update change for the month. There's a chance it can stay this way, there's a chance it'll go back to the old schedule later. Nicole and Derek is moving to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, The NDU is moving to a Tuesday and Thursday schedule while Wonder Kittens is going on an hiatus. The long of it? Things are kind of stressful right now over at Casa Marks. Between that and family things there has been little time or energy left for me and Terrence to work on comics. It's been difficult for us to even have the creative energy to write scripts lately- and without scripts I literally cannot do anything. Rather than just take a long hiatus till things settle down (we thought things with the apartment would be over by now, turns out we could be right back where we started with all this, sorry for leaving things vague) we'll be cutting the schedule in half. I'm really sorry about all this and thank those of you who have been patient and have been sticking it out with us. Stay cool out there. Unless you like it warm or are somewhere cold... then stay warm.

08.23.2015 - Isabel Marks:
Hi, folks!

We're going to be doing sketch updates this definitely week and maybe next week, depending on how things go.

Why? Personal stuff. I'm under a decent amount of stress right now. Mainly the apartment issues (and stress at home is the worst kind of stress).

Also, my sister is nearing the end of a difficult pregnancy and I'm spending 2-3 days a week watching my nephew. I'm gone most of the day those days and I'm exhausted when I get back home. I'm not used to kids. Fortunately, I love the little booger so it's all good. But it impacts my ability to create comics.

How did tablet testing go? Less well than I'd like. I like the tablet, but it took a lot more time than working with ink and paper. And given the above, that's a dealbreaker right now. And I don't want to change the aesthetic of the comic right now. Between those two things, I'm going to be staying analog for now.

Thank you, and we hope your week is better than ours is probably going to be.
08.17.2015 - Terrence Marks:
Comics are still being worked on. In the meantime, we are looking into going all-digital for the comics. Due to this and continuing apartment-related issues, we're going to have a week of sketches and sketch comics. Hope you enjoy!
08.12.2015 - Terrence Marks:
We're going through some apartment-related issues right now. They're not interesting enough for me to bother you with, but they're very time-consuming. Tonight, Nicole and Derek. Tomorrow night, The NDU will update. And if all goes well, both of those comics will update on Friday.
08.10.2015 - Terrence Marks:
Isabel's sister is raising money for surgery for her dog. If you donate, we'd appreciate it.

If she makes her goal, we will publicly release a twelve-page bonus comic.

If she makes double her goal - and what she's asking for covers half of the cost - we will publicly release a twenty-four page bonus comic.

What will the book be about? We kinda haven't thought that far ahead. We'll put a poll up when she makes the goal. I've got a Patrick and Sofia story set post-YSiF that I've been kicking around for a while, but it's up to you.

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